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We help ambitious fitness entrepreneurs gain more members by targeting the right audience through Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. Wondering what we can do for your gym or studio?


We are very enthusiastic about
Social Media Marketing as we can target very specifically for gyms and studios with the fact that many people are active on social media.

There are no less than 2.8 billion people active on social media, spending about 2,5 hours on social platforms a day. 

In addition, you can use Social Media Marketing well to create more brand awareness for your gym or studio.

What we stand for

Efficiently reaching your goals

More leads

We make every effort to provide as many quality leads as possible for gyms and studios.

We are always honest and transparent about what is and is not feasible!

We partner with gyms and studios that we actually believe in and have a lot of growth potential.

Results within one month

Within one month, the first results for your gym or studio can already be seen after the ads are launched.

Following this, we will keep on working towards the goals we set together.

Efficient work process

The collaboration is always most efficient, so we can focus on achieving results and you on growing your business.


Many gyms and studios engage in social media marketing, but do not have a good strategy. To avoid that, we determine during the strategy conversation what the best approach is and what resources are needed to reach your target audience.

By looking into your digital database, we know how your target group moves online because
measuring = knowing! 

To visualise the end result, we share a monthly report with the most important statistics. 

You want to be kept up to date after we have started the process, at the end of the day it is all about the results. To visualize the end products we will share a monthly report with the most fundamental statistics.


Facebook is still the biggest social network in the world. Advertising on Facebook can be very targeted, so we can aim specifically at your prospective customers.
Instagram is a very interesting medium for gyms and studios to reach a young audience. Instagram allows us to target young people in the same way as Facebook.
While Googling, you often literally pick 'the first best'. Through Google Ads, we make sure your gym or studio is at the top.
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Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to promote products, services, or companies within specific target groups.

Social media marketing is used as a marketing strategy, where you choose particular social media platforms and the way you make use of these.

A social media bureau provides a social media strategy, by which we bring potential customers to your website.

A social media marketing bureau knows all ins and outs of social media and is always the first to know about new features and possibilities within the platforms.

We focus on reaching results and you on developing your enterprise.

That is something we don't know yet. Social media marketing costs depend on many things like your company’s specific branch, the current state of your campaigns, and the tactics we have to use to fully utilize your social media ads.

When you book a free consultation with us, we will discuss the opportunities and possibilities of social media marketing without costs, and we will give you a concrete proposition for our collaboration, including a summary of the costs.

Will we hear from you soon?

Many companies think they can just do some social media marketing.

If you like to mess around, you don't lay awake all night because of a negative ROI/ROAS, and don't mind losing a lot of time you could spend on your business, you will be fine with working on your social media by yourself.

But, if you have the ambition to grow online, you want to see your ROI/ROAS go through the roof, and do you prefer to focus on your clients rather than on social media marketing? Then it is a smart decision to outsource your social media marketing.

Achieve online success together?

Grow to the next level. Wait no longer and take action straight away.